DISH Voice Remote (English)

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Control Your TV Experience With Your Voice

It’s time to ditch your complicated TV remote and start controlling your TV with nothing but your voice. Search for your favorite shows, start and pause programming, control your DVR, and much more, without fumbling around a remote. With your FREE DISH Voice Remote, finding your favorite shows, movies, or sports programming has never been easier.

Never Lose Your Remote

Tired of losing your TV remote in your couch cushions? We’ve built a “Locate Remote” function into the Voice Remote that causes it to emit lights and noise so it can be easily located. Stop spending time searching for your remote and start enjoying your programs.

Powered by Google Assistant

Your DISH Voice Remote isn’t just for searching for TV programming. With the power of Google Assistant, you can ask questions and see answers on-screen, manage digital tasks, and much more, all with a push of a button. You can also control your home’s smart devices with commands such as dimming the lights or shutting the blinds. DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant provides an excellent viewing experience.

Personalized Experience

When you log into Google Assistant through your DISH Voice Remote, we can offer you an even more customized experience. You can view your schedule, set reminders or timers, and much more in English or Spanish! Control all of your home’s smart devices with the power of your voice.

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