Kids Programming (English)

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DishLATINO Kids Channels

The shows and movies you watch often change quite a bit after having kids, which is why DishLATINO offers a wide range of kids’ channels for families with young children. Whether you want to sit down for a movie together or put on an informational program while you get your household tasks done, DishLATINO has it all and even throws in parental controls for additional peace of mind.

Baby & Toddler Channels

If you have a baby or toddler in your home, you know that keeping them entertained is often a top priority. With a variety of channels suited for this age group, you can select from any number of the appropriate shows offered for them in both Spanish and English. Clan TV is a particular channel that offers 100% Spanish programming, so your baby can watch, listen, and learn both Spanish and English while staying entertained and happy.

Channels for the Whole Family to Enjoy

What’s a Saturday morning without cartoons? DishLATINO offers channels like Cartoon Network and Disney Channel that feature age-appropriate shows for the whole family to enjoy in either Spanish or English. For a more educational experience, you can also watch movies and shows from the Discovery channel that allow your kids to learn and soak in fascinating information from the comfort of the couch.

Parental Controls

When you’re not able to supervise exactly what your kids are watching on TV, DishLATINO ‘s parental controls can. By restricting or even blocking channels based on ratings or other factors, your kids have the ability to enjoy age-appropriate programming without stumbling across something that you haven’t approved. You can even set limits on how much screen time they’re allowed to give you peace of mind when you’re away.

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Kids Channels On DishLATINO

Channel DishLATINO Channel # Included On These DishLATINO Packages
Animal Planet Channel 184 Dos & Max
Baby First Channel 823 Plus, Dos, & Max
Baby TV Channel 824 Plus, Dos & Max
Boomerang Channel 175 Plus, Dos & Max
Cartoon Network Channel 176/177 Plus, Dos & Max
Clan TV Channel 821 Plus, Dos & Max
Discovery Channel Channel 182 Dos & Max
Discovery En Español Channel 845 Plus, Dos & Max
Discovery Family Channel 179 Dos & Max
Discovery Familia Channel 853 Plus, Dos, & Max
Disney Channel Channel 172/173 Dos & Max
Disney XD Channel 174 Plus, Dos, & Max
Freeform Channel 180 Max
Hallmark Channel Channel 185 Max
HITN Channel 843 Plus, Dos, & Max
INSP Channel 259 Plus, Dos, & Max
ION Channel 250 Dos & Max
National Geographic Channel 197 Dos & Max
Nickelodeon Channel 170/171 Dos & Max
Nick Jr. Channel 169 Max
PixL Channel 388 Dos & Max
TUDN Channel 856 Plus, Dos, & Max

Get DishLATINO Today & Get A $100 Gift Card!1 Call: 1-833-682-2048 Buy Online