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Multi-Sport Pack – For $13/Month

If you love watching sports in your house, the DISH Multi-Sport Pack is absolutely perfect for you! For only $13/Mo, you get 15 of the best sports channels available, including NFL Redzone, MLB Network, NBA TV, and more! It doesn’t matter if you love college or professional sports, because the Multi-Sport pack has it all!

Professional Sports

If it’s professional sports you are looking for, the DISH Multi-Sport Pack has you covered. It comes complete with 4 pro-sports channels – the NFL Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, and MLB Network. Plus, it also includes 2 league-wide channels – the MLB Strike Zone and NFL RedZone, in case you like watching games from all over the league at once! With the DISH Multi-Sport Pack, you can watch professional sports all day, every day without ever worrying about missing your favorite game again! Start watching all your favorite sports today by calling 1-833-682-2048 to add Multi-Sport Pack!

College Sports

If you’d rather watch collegiate sports, the DISH Multi-Sport Pack is a great pick as well! It includes 4 college network specific channels – the Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network, SEC Network, and ACCN. It also includes team specific channels like the Longhorn Network, and other collegiate sports channels such as FS2! Call 1-833-682-2048 today!

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Sports Entertainment

Sometimes the games themselves aren’t just enough, and you want to hear hours of analysis, historical games, and professional insight. Thankfully, there are tons of sports entertainment programs on the channels included in the DISH Multi-Pack. Whether you want to dive into the analytics and statistics on NFL games, or relieve the greatest moments of your college team’s legendary season, we’ve got you covered.

Football on DishLATINO

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and continues to be must-watch TV here in the United States! Between college football and the NFL, there are constantly games to watch – and with the Multi-Sport Pack, you never have to miss one again! 8 of the channels in this package regularly play football games including live NFL games, NCAA football games, football talk shows, replays of famous games, and more. If you love to eat, sleep, and breathe football – the Multi-Sport Pack is for you!

Baseball on DishLATINO

Both college, professional, and amateur baseball is also widely covered in the Multi-Sport Pack. Whether it’s the Little League World Series of the College Baseball Playoffs, you can keep a constant stream of baseball flowing in your home. If you’re an MLB Fanatic, you can watch tons of live games and analysis on the MLB Network – and you can watch every big play of every game with the MLB Strike Zone channel.